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As per the decision of the Government of India, Visa applicants, excluding holders of Diplomatic and Official/Service Passports, are required to submit biometric data, i.e., finger prints and digital photograph for obtaining Indian Visa.

However, applicants below the age of 12 years and above the age of 70 years are exempted from this requirement.


1. Individual applicants : Any working day from 0930 hours to 1200 hours.

2. Applicants applying through any of the authorized agencies: They can visit the Consulate and give biometrics on any working day from 0930 hours to 1200 hours or from 1430 hours to 1630 hours.  Such applicants should have with him/her a copy of his/her passport.
It is intimated that applications for visa shall not be accepted in the afternoon.  Afternoon time, i.e., from 1430 hours to 1630 hours, is only for giving biometrics for such applicants, who have already submitted their visa applications through any of the authorized agencies.


Attention : Visa applicants 

It is clarified that in the case of visa being applied for at the Consulate, a print out of the application form filled online, alongwith supporting documents and fee in cash, has to be physically submitted at the Visa section of the Consulate.


  1. Intern Visa

Applicants intending to pursue Internship in Indian Companies, Educational Institutions & NGO.

  1. Period of Visa will be actual duration of Internship program or 1 year whichever is less.

  2. Applicant applying should not have a gap of more than 1 year between completion of his graduation/ post-graduation and the commencement of the internship.

  3. In case of Internship in a company, the applicant being sponsored for internship should draw a minimum remuneration of Rs. 7.80 lakh per annum. There will be no minimum salary limit in case of Internship in educational Institutions and NGOs.

  4. Earnings from Internship of the applicant with Indian Companies/ Educational Institutions/ NGOs will be subject to Indian Income Tax Regulations.

  5. Undertaking should be obtained from the company / organization concerned that they will insure departure of the foreigner on completion of Internship.

Please note that in certain cases, the matter may have to be referred for approval from the competent authorities in India and therefore, there can be delay.


This is to inform that the new visa services arrangements, effective from 02 January 2014, are as follows:

  • Visa applicants are required to fill up the Indian visa form online given on the website  The detailed instructions are given under the link Visa Services on the website of the Consulate General of India, Milan at
  • It is mandatory to upload electronic photo of the applicant in the online visa form.  Applications received without uploaded photographs will be rejected.
  • The visa applicants may submit their visa application forms either in person or through authorized agencies at the Consulate General of India, Milan, Piazza Paolo Ferrari 8, 20121 Milan.  The visa fee schedule may be seen under the link Visa Services.  It may be noted that there are no additional service charges. Visa Fee is accepted in cash only.
  • Visa applications will be accepted from 0915 hrs to 1200 hrs on all working days.  Passports may be collected back from 1200 hrs to 1300 hrs on the date specified by the Consulate at the time of submission of application.



La presente è per informare che le nuove direttive per il servizio visti in vigore dal 2.01.2014 sono le seguenti:

  • Coloro che intendono richiedere il visto devono compilare il modulo online sul sito Istruzioni dettagliate sono consultabili nella sezione Visa Services del sito del Consolato Generale dell’India, Milano
  • E’ obbligatorio caricare la foto del richiedente durante la compilazione online. Le richieste di visto ricevute senza fotografia, saranno rifiutate.
  • La richiesta di visto deve essere presentata in persona, o tramite un’agenzia autorizzata, al Consolato Generale dell’India, Milano in Piazza Paolo Ferrari 8, 20121 Milano. Le tariffe dei visti sono consultabili nella sezione Visa Services. Non verranno richiesti ulteriori pagamenti per il servizio. La quota andrà pagata esclusivamente in contanti.
  • Le richieste di visto saranno accettate tutti i giorni lavorativi dalle ore 9.15 alle ore 12.00. I passaporti potranno essere ritirati dalle ore 12 alle ore 13 nel giorno indicato dal Consolato al momento della presentazione della richiesta di visto.

Important Notices
  • As per the decision taken by the Government of India, no seal or signature is required on the new visa stickers issued by Consulate General of India in  Milan. The space earlier used for such purpose will now have letter scanned image (LSI).
  •  All Foreigners traveling to India are hereby informed that it is illegal to use/carry Thuraya or other such satellite phones in India. Custom authorities in India may seize such phones and legal action may be taken against the passenger concerned.
  • Prohibition on use of "satellite telephone service" in India Travelers may kindly note that use of any satellite phone is not permitted in India, unless prior approval of Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, is obtained. The use/operation of any telegraphic services/devices, including wireless, in India is regulated by the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885. As per the existing guidelines issued by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Government of India, Inmarsat Satphones, excluding BGAN system, can be used by the Government, Corporate Houses, Members of the Mountaineering Expedition and other such categories with prior permission from DoT. Thuraya Satphone service is not permitted in India. Anyone using any telegraphic devices including Satphone without authorization violates Section 4 of the Indian Telegraph Act. 1885 and he/she can be penalized under Section 20 and 21 of the said Act. Tata Communications Limited, India, may be approached in case of necessity to use satellite telephone services in India.
  • In case satellite phones are brought into India through baggage/hand baggage without license from DoT, the equipments would be detained/confiscated by the Customs authorities as per the existing procedures till the time the owner/holder of the satellite phone is able to produce a license issued by DoT. In case of import with cargo, a detailed declaration is to be given by the person importing the goods.
  •  Advice on "Surrogacy Arrangement" Any person seeking a visa to India for purpose of entering into a surrogacy arrangement must ascertain beforehand whether the law of that country (e.g. Italy) permits surrogacy and will provide appropriate travel documents to the child for accompanying the surrogate parents. Entering into surrogacy arrangement under any other visa not sought for surrogacy is punishable under the Indian law.
  • Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act: The Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act bans all forms of wildlife trade. Violations of the provisions of the Act are punishable with heavy fines and imprisonment. Foreigners are therefore, advised not to buy any wildlife or wildlife products or derivatives, specially ivory articles, fur and skin articles derived from wild animals such as Shahtoosh.
  • Caution on Drugs: Foreigners should not carry, buy, sell or use psychotropic drugs or any other narcotic substance while in India as their purchase, sale or possession is a cognizable offense.
  • Jurisdiction to Apply: Consulate General of India in Milan will accept applications from residents of the following regions of Italy: Valle d'Aosta, Piemonte, Liguria, Lombardia, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia. If applicant's passport shows that his residence is not under the jurisdiction of Consulate General of India, Milan but actually the applicant is residing in an area under the jurisdiction of Consulate General of India, Milan, the applicant has to produce documents such as Carta di Identità, Permesso or Carta di Soggiorno plus photocopy or recent residence certificate plus photocopy, proving that he/she is resident there, otherwise applicant will have to apply at Embassy of India, Rome.
  • All foreign nationals, including children, require visa to enter India.
  • Please note that the validity of all visas issued by the Consulate General of India in Milan starts from the day of issuance.
  • Please note that employment, entry, business, student visas must be extended in India at the FRRO or FRO Office and should not be re-applied for at the Consulate unless the concerned contract or organization/company is a different one.
  • Applicants can appoint someone else to submit their application. Authority letter is required as well as an identity document of the appointed person plus photocopy.
  • Applicants are advised to read the specifications on the visas granted to them.
  • Visitors to restricted/protected areas need special permits. For more information and the list of restricted/protected areas, kindly visit
  • The Consular prescribed Visa related fees are accepted in Cash only. Payments through Credit Cards, Debit Cards or in any other form are NOT accepted.
  • All Visa fees and other charges, once deposited cannot be refunded, even if the application once submitted is withdrawn or the visa applied for is declined or service is refused. The Consulate General of India in Milan reserves the right of deciding the duration of visa irrespective of the fees tendered at the time of making application.
  • Each visa application is considered on its merit and the Consulate may ask for additional information at any stage during the processing of the application. The fact that an application has been accepted does not guarantee that the visa will be granted.


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