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Health Insurance Coverage is mandatory in order to obtain a student stay permit in Italy. In this regard, two options are possibile:


  1. Indian private health insurance policy. The certificate must be in English, specifying the starting and ending dates of the coverage with international validity.

  2. If not insured in India, upon arrival in Italy students will need to purchase INA ASSITALIA insurance that will only cover expenses in the event of emergency treatment and/or urgent hospitalization. To pay for INA ASSITALIA insurance, payment slip must be collected at the Post Office and filled in with the following details:

    - Account Number 71270003
    - Addressed to: INA-ASSITALIA Agenzia Generale di Roma c. n°20
    - Name and Surname of the applicant
    - Address in Italy of the applicant


Insurance can cover 6 months for the cost of €49.00 or 12 months for the cost of € 98.00.


When the insurance payment to INA ASSITALIA has been done, in order to receive copy of the contract an e-mail of request has to be sent to


Copy of the receipt of the payment, copy of the first and last page of the passport and copy of the admission letter of the University have to be enclosed. In the e-mail specify to which postal address the contract has to be sent to.


For more information on the procedures for entry, residence and enrolment of international students for higher education courses in Italy consult the following document issued by the General Directorate for student affairs, development and the internationalisation of higher education- Ministry of Education, Government of Italy: