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Guidelines for Indian Students seeking Accommodation in Northern Italy.

Posted on: October 19, 2021 | Back | Print

Indian students seeking accommodation in Northern Italy are advised to be alert and utmost careful while selecting an apartment, and especially while signing the Rental Contract with the landlord. Multiple cases of forfeiting of entire Security deposit have been reported because of which it is advised to do the following:

  1. Students must check in advance if hostel facilities are available at the university when he/she seeks admission. In case hostel facilities are not available/ available only in limited numbers, he/she is strongly advised to immediately start looking for accommodation the moment the University admission letter is received.
  2. When renting an apartment or a room, do not send money to the landlord before verifying the actual existence of the accommodation.
  3. One must request the landlord to see copy of the Rental Contract(with English translation) before signing it.
  4. If an apartment is selected from a website, check carefully the policy of the payments both to the agency operating the website and to the landlord and policy on security deposit.