About Us Delivery of Ready Passports / OCI cards

Due to COVID-19 related restrictions on movement of people and temporary suspension of consular services, it has been decided to dispatch new Passports/OCI cards ready for collection through postal service only. This initiative is aimed at helping Indian citizens during the current COVID-19 emergency, so that they avoid travelling to the Consulate. 

Given the nature of circumstances prevailing, this task is being done to ensure maximum safety for you and your family members. We seek your cooperation and encourage you to consider and avail this postal option. Indian citizens residing in Northern Italy, under the jurisdiction of Consulate General of India Milan, may avail of this facility by sending the following mandatory documents:

(a) Original receiptissued at time of submission of passport application with ARN / File number.

(i) For collection of Passport : Existing Passport to be provided for cancellation (except in case of Lost or New Born applicants)
(ii) For collection of OCI : Self attested copy of foreign Passpor to be provided.
(c) Pre-paid self-addressed envelope: (from DHL Courier). Self-addressed envelope will ensure safety of receipt of your Passport/OCI Card at correct address. Please make sure to fill your address properly with no mistakes. 

Steps to follow:

1. Check status of your application:
a) Click here for status of your Passport application.
b) Click here for status of your OCI card application.
2. Mandatory documents to be sent: 
a) Fee ReceiptCollect the original Fee receipt issued from the Consulate while submitting your application. Write your (i) New Passport Number/OCI card number (ii) contact number and (iii) email at the back of this receipt. 
b) Existing Passport
i) For delivery of Passport:  send your original existing Passport for cancellation (except in case of Lost cases or New Born applicants).
ii) For delivery of OCI Card: send a self attested copy of foreign Passport.
c) Return Envelope(E I) : Pre-paid self-addressed envelope can be arranged from DHL Courier (details given below). 
The above (a, b and c) needs to be placed in another bigger Envelope(E II)  before being sent to the Consulate.
3. Write Code for Delivery: Write the following code on your outer envelope (E II) before sending to the Consualte. 
a) Code DelPPT for delivery of Passports
b) Code DelOCI for delivery of OCI
4. Send to the following address: 
Consulate General of India Milan
Piazza Paolo Ferrari, 8,
20121 Milano MI.
5. Online tracking: You may check status of your delivery request one week after receipt of the Envelope at the Consulate. The following status shall be available based on your application:
a. Ready: Your Passport/OCI is ready for collection and has not been processed for delivery.
b. Dispatched : Your Passport has been dispatched to your postal address (as filled on the return envelope)
c. Dispatch pending : Dispatch of your Passport may be pending for the following reasons:
i) Old Passport not submitted for cancellation.
ii) Original Fee Receipt not submitted.
iii) Return envelope is not proper.
iv) Return receipt for the Envelope is not proper.
v) Dispatch attempt failed.
For all Dispatch pending cases, correct return envelope or missing documents must be sent by Post only to enable us to process the request.

Detailed instructions for Postal modes:

Postal modes can be through DHL Courier : Click here for dedicated link. Fill in the details available online correctly and pay online, after payment two AirWayBills will be received(in dulplicate) at your given email:

i) First AirWayBill/Outgoing Shipment Label / ANDATA and sender copy
ii) Second AirWayBill/ Return Shipment Label/ RITORNO and sender copy
Steps for DHL :
a. Keep the sender copies of both AirWaybills for future reference.
b. Collect  the mandatory documents and visit the nearest DHL center.
c. Upon presenting the payment receipt for the Courier you should get two corresponding envelopes from DHL; the ANDATA Envelope and RITORNO Envelope. 
d. RITORNO AirWayBill must be placed in the RITORNO Envelope.
e. Your existing Passport(for Passport delivery) / self attested copy of Foreign Passport(for OCI delivery), original Fee receipt and RITORNO Envelope should be placed in the ANDATA Envelope.
f. Paste the ANDATA AirWayBIll on ANDATA/Outgoing Envelope.
g. Write code 'DelPPT' / 'DelOCI' on the ANDATA clearly on the Envelope and send to the Consulate.