About Us Accomodation

Most Italian universities/institutes do not offer residence halls accomodation to students, even the international ones. Some universities/institutes offer accommodation but only to a very small number of students due to limited availability of spaces.
Students must check in advance if hostel facilities are available at the university that he/she seeks admission to. In case hostel facilities are not available or are available in limited numbers, as soon as the student receives the university admission letter to the course he/she is strongly advised to immediately start looking for accommodation.
Universities international offices usually do not directly help foreign students in finding accommodation.
For international students, accommodation options are basically three:

  1. Rent a room or a small studio flat
  2. Rent an apartment
  3. Rent a room in an apartment shared with other students.

All universities have notice boards where advertisement notes are affixed.
Please do not fall prey to the fraudsters who use facebook/twitter or other social media platforms and offer “too sweet to decline” deals regarding accommodation. When renting an apartment or a room, do not send money to the landlord before verifying the actual existence of the accommodation.
Request the landlord to see copy of the rental contract, if possibile with English translation, before signing it.
If an apartment is selected from a website, check carefully the policy of the payments both to the agency operating the website and to the landlord.