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Film Visa (‘F’ Visa) is issued to such applicants who are coming to shoot a feature film/ reality TV show and/ or commercial TV serials in India provided the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India, has approved the proposal, subject to the following conditions:

(a) A letter of intent regarding the shooting of the film in India, mentioning the production schedule or the dates of shooting, particulars of the cast and crew coming to India for the purpose of the shoot/ production, chosen location, list of filming equipment (if any) that is being brought into the country and other relevant details that must be made by the foreign company desirous of shooting the film in India to the Indian Mission/ Post located in that country.

(b) The Visa application for Film Visa must be submitted along with the requisite permission to shoot the feature film for television/ cinema and reality TV show/ commercial TV serials in India from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.

For application for permission to shoot the feature film in India, please visit:

Other answers on FAQs on Film visa

  1. The visa would be project specific i.e. film specific and while issuing the visa, a specific endorsement would be made on the Visa indicating the name of the project i.e. the film, for which the visa is being issued along with the name of the International Production Company.

  1. Considering the fact that the cast and crew may be coming from a country which is not the same as that of the Foreign Production Company which is producing the film, the Indian Mission of that respective country would issue the Film Visa to the concerned person.

  1. The maximum duration of the Visa will be for one year with multiple entry facility.

  1. An extension can be granted subject to submission of a letter from the company that sought permission to shoot the film in India, in support of continued activity with regard to the shooting/ production of the film. FRRO/ FRO concerned may grant the extension of visa for a maximum period of 1 year. Application to extend the period of filming must be submitted not later than thirty days before expiry date of fully approved shooting period.

  1. The maximum number of crew for a specific film being shot by an international production company that can be allowed under this visa will be 125.

  1. The international cast and crew coming to India on a Film Visa for the film shoot shall be employed by the Foreign company seeking permission to shoot the film in India and the company shall take the responsibility for the cast and crew coming to India for filming. The foreigners coming on Film Visa will have to register himself/ herself with the FRRO/ FRO concerned irrespective of the duration of the Film Visa/ stay of the foreigner in India.

  1. The foreigners being given the Film Visa may need to demonstrate that they have adequate means to support themselves in India and may need to demonstrate that they have incentive to return to their place of residence when the said Visa expires.


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