About Us Renunciation of Indian Citizenship

A. Renunciation of Indian Citizenship:

Indian Citizenship can be renounced within six months (06) after availing foreign nationality.

Documents required for renunciation:

1) Duly filled and signed application form (to be filled online at https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/ ).

2) Indian passport in original and one copy of first, last and relevant pages.

3) Self attested copy of  foreign passport

4) Self attested copy of Carta Identita

5) Copy of Certificate of Registration/Naturalization of foreign nationality (Decreto) along with translaiton in English.

6) Demand Draft (Assegno Circolare) from Bank or Post Office in favor of Consulate General of India amounting to 194 Euros.


Please note that cancelled passport will be returned to the applicant by Post using the return envelope provided with the application. A person (including minor) is liable to be penalized as per the provisions of Passport Act 1967, if after acquisition of foreign nationality, he/she retains the Indian passport beyond three years or travels on it after three months on acquiring of foreign nationality. A penalty of Euro 248 (excluding cancellation charges) would be levied for retaining Indian Passport beyond three years.

B. How to apply:

Duly complete applications can be sent through DHL. Prepaid self-addressed Envelope for return of Ready Passport must be provided with the application.  Click here for customised link. (In view of delivery issues being faced with the postal applications received through Poste Italiane, it has been decided that applications send by Poste Italiane shall not be accepted and returned to the applicant. )

Fill your details correctly at the above customized DHL Link, after payment you would receive following AirWayBills at your email:
a. ANDATA/First shipment and applicants copy(from Applicants address to Consulate)
b. RITORNO/Return Shipment and applicant copy(from Consulate to Applicants address)

* Keep the applicants copies of both AirWaybills for future reference.You can then put your duly complete application in a normal envelope and visit nearest DHL center. Upon presenting the payment receipt for the Courier you should get corresponding envelopes from DHL based on your AirWayBills, the ANDATA  Envelope and RITORNO Envelope. RITORNO AirWayBill must be placed in the RITORNO Envelope. Duly filled and complete application with Fee (in form of Assegno Circolare) and RITRONO Envelope must be sent to the Consulate in ANDATA Envelope with ANDATA AirWayBIll pasted on the Envelope.

C. Fee payment:

Applicable Fee has been detailed against the services tabulated below. Fees must be submitted only in form of Demand Draft (also known as Assegno Circolare) from your Bank or Post Office in favor of Consulate General of India.

  • Assegno Circolare should only be in favour and form of Consulate General of India
  • Assegno Circolare can be obtained from your Bank or Post office.
  • In case of Postal Italiane, demand draft should be in form of Postal Vaglia and not Vidimato. 
  • Please do not sign or write anything on backside of the Aseegno Circolare.
  • Your Assegno Circolare must be sent to the Consulate along with the application form.