About Us Submission of Visa application through Courier


Please apply for e-Visa under the following categories e-Business Visa, e-Medical Visa, e-Medical Attendant Visa and e-Conference Visa  from  https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/tvoa.html  ONLY

e-Visa under Tourist category is presently suspended.

Submission of Visa applications at Consulate

In view of the increase in new cases of COVID-19 infections in the region and the recent restrictions imposed by the local Italian authorities, submission of visa applications in person at the Consulate are suspended till further notice.

Any foreign national living under jurisdiction of this Consulate  who intend to visit India for any purpose other than tourism, he/she may submit the visa application after filling up the online form (regular visa application form) available on the Consulate’s website https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/index.html and send the application with all supporting documents and the respective fee through DHL courier only with return envelope

Important instructions: 

  1. Submission of your Passport is mandatory as Visa will be pasted on the passport.
  2. Application received with proof of payment of fees by bank transfer and complete documentation will only be processed, please note that fee submitted through online Bank transfers will not be refunded.

A. Steps to follow:

  1. Read the instructions for visa application on our website carefully.
  2. Fill online visa application with correct information at the following website https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/index.html
  3. Take printout of the application form, it comprises four pages and upload your photo electronically
  4. Paste two recent photographs and sign on the application in the allotted boxes on first and last page.
  5. Arrange all mandatory documents in the same order as given in the table against each category of visa application. All documents must be self-attested by applicant .
  6. Submit correct fee to Bank account of the Consulate. Take printouts of the transaction summary to be attached with your application as payment proof.
  7. Prepare for Postal delivery and return of passport with visa (Click here for customized DHL link).
  8. Write the code 'App-Visa' on the outermost envelope.
  9. Send the prepared file by Courier.

B. General instructions:

  1. Application form is to be filled at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/index.html/. Handwritten applications or applications filled from any other link shall not be entertained. In all such cases applicant would have to resend the correct file and incurr additional postal charge.
  2. Applications received with incomplete documents required for respective visa type shall not be entertained. Applications received with incomplete supporting documents are liable to be rejected.
  3. Fees once submitted will not be refunded even if the application is rejected.

C. Who can apply:

Foreign Nationals living in the areas of Lombardy, Piedmont, Aosta Valley, Trentino-Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Liguria and Emilia-Romagna  willing to visit India for OTHER THAN TOURISM. Please note all foreign nationals holding valid visa (except tourist visa, e-visa and medical visa) are permitted to enter India by water routes or by flights under Vande Bharat Mission or Air Bubble Scheme or by any non-scheduled commercial flights as allowed by Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India.

D. How to apply:

Duly complete applications can be sent through DHL. Prepaid self-addressed Envelope for return of Ready Passport with visa must be provided with the application.  Click here for customised link. (In view of delivery issues being faced with the postal applications received through Poste Italiane, it has been decided that applications send by Poste Italiane shall not be accepted and returned to the applicant. )

Fill your details correctly at the above customized DHL Link, after payment you would receive following AirWayBills at your email:

  1. ANDATA/First shipment and applicants copy(from Applicants address to Consulate)
  2. RITORNO/Return Shipment and applicant copy(from Consulate to Applicants address)

* Keep the applicants copies of both AirWaybills for future reference.You can then put your duly complete application in a normal envelope and visit nearest DHL center. Upon presenting the payment receipt for the Courier you should get corresponding envelopes from DHL based on your AirWayBills, the ANDATA  Envelope and RITORNO Envelope. RITORNO AirWayBill must be placed in the RITORNO Envelope. Duly filled and complete application with proof of Fee payment and RITRONO Envelope must be sent to the Consulate in ANDATA Envelope with ANDATA AirWayBIll pasted on the Envelope.

E. Fee payment:

Applicable Fee has been detailed against the services tabulated below. Fee can be submitted through Bank transfers. Click here for detailed information.

F. Visa services and required docuemnts:

Type of visa

Documents must be arranged in the following sequence

Employment visa upto one year


Employment dependent visa

. Original passport.

Duly filled and signed visa Application form ( to be filled online at


Two recent passport size 2” X 2” photographs in white background. One pasted on the application

. Certificate of incorporation of the company to be submitted.

. An appointment letter from India and the original signed “employment contract” between the applicant and the employer and one photocopy.

. An undertaking from the Employer that the income tax will be paid in India. The employment contract should clearly define the terms and conditions and the position and the duties of the employee, duration of contract and place of work, contribution towards provident fund, social security, accommodation and insurance etc.. The employment contract should be signed by the employee for the acceptance of the contract.

.The Company should certify following in the letter/contract: 

The Company has checked the educational and technical qualification of the candidate and found him suitable for the post.   

. All the official documents in Italian language must be accompanied with English translation by the authorized  translation agencies of the Consulate (http://cgimilan.in/news_home_dtl.php?newsid=187)

. Fee of Euro 171 to be paid through bank transfers. Click here for details.

. For dependent visa documentary proof of dependency should also be attached.

Entry visa upto 6 months only

. Original passport.

Duly filled and signed visa Application form ( to be filled online at


Two recent passport size 2” X 2” photographs in white background. One pasted on the application

. Documentary evidence for urgency and purpose of visit to India

. Foreign nationals of Indian origin, their spouses and children can apply entry visa, subject to production of documentary evidence such as cancelled Indian passport/surrender certificate of Indian nationality etc. in case of persons of Indian origin married to a person of not Indian origin, marriage certificate/family certificate in case of their spouses/children of not Indian origin is required to be submitted along with the visa application..If such an applicant is not a permanent resident of Italy, this will be subject to clearance from the Indian Mission in the country in which the applicant normally resides.

. Fee of Euro 71 to be paid through bank transfers. Click here for details.

. For dependent visa documentary proof of dependency should also be attached.

To apply for visa for any other category (other than tourism)  or duration, an email may be sent to hoc.milan@mea.gov.in with proper justification for guidance.