About Us Health Insurance

Health Insurance Coverage is mandatory in order to obtain a student stay permit in Italy. In this regard, two options are possibile:

Indian private health insurance policy. The certificate must be in English, specifying the starting and ending dates of the coverage with international validity

2.    If not insured in India, upon arrival in Italy students will need to purchase WAI ITALY (Welcome Association Italy, former INA ASSITALIA). For further information visit: www2.WAITALY.NET or call call +39-06-361.1676. You will be required to register in order to receive a username and be allowed to pay the fee: € 71.00 for 6 months of coverage or € 120.00 for 12 months of coverage.This insurance can be purchased also prior your arrival in Italy. Payment can be done online (credit card, paypal), via bank transfer or in person at the Italian Post office. Please read carefully the terms and conditions.


For more information on the procedures for entry, residence and enrolment of international students for higher education courses in Italy consult the following document issued by the General Directorate for student affairs, development and the internationalisation of higher education- Ministry of Education, Government of Italy: