About Us Bank details for Payment of Consular Fees

Payment should be made at least three days in advance from the date of submission of the application.

a. Bank account details 

Applicable only for Indian nationals living in the areas of Lombardy, Piedmont, Aosta Valley, Trentino-Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Liguria and Emilia-Romagna.
IBAN:  IT 43 I 02008 01603 000004522764 
Bank:    UniCredit
Account No. 000004522764

b. Before fee payment:

  1. Please ensure that you qualify the eligibility criteria for the required service and have prepared duly complete application form with all mandatory documents.
  2. Please note that Fee once credited into Consulate Account will not be reimbursed. List of services and fee is given at para E.
  3. Partial payment of fee will not be entertained.

c. While making fee payment:

Please ensure that the Remarks/Comments column at the time of online transfer must contain the following :

  1. Applicants Name
  2. Service Category : PPT/MISC/VISA/OCI
  3. Application Reference Number (ARN) in case of Passport application, File number in case of Visa application & OCI application, and Passport number in case of Miscellaneous application. 


In case of Passport/OCI/Visa services 

CAUSALE/DESCRIZIONE- Applicant's Name & File Number

In Miscellaneous services

CAUSALE/DESCRIZIONE- Applicant's Name & Passport Number

d. After payment of fee by online banking

  1. Print two copies of payment summary/details duly indicating the following:
    1. Transaction number
    2. Amount
    3. Transfer date
    4. Remarks/comments containing Applicants Name, Service Category, Application Reference Number/File Number, Passport number
  1. Please write the applicant name and file number on back side of the Payment summary.
  2. Both copies need to be self-attested by the applicant( by either of parents in case of Minor applicants) and submitted along with the application.

e. List of services and fee (including ICWF) applicable from 1st April 2021.

 Sl No. Service Fee(in Euro) ICWF Bank fee   Total Amount (in Euro)
  Please be informed that Tatkal facility is not available at this Consulate.
 1. Reissue of passport containing 36 pages for applicants above the age of 15 years upon expiry of passport or change in passport particulars. 60  63 
 2. Issue of jumbo passport or reissue of jumbo passport containing 60 pages for applicants above the age of 15 years. 75  78 
 3. Reissue of passport of 36 pages for minors below fifteen years of age with validity of five years or till the minor attains the age of eighteen years, whichever is earlier.  40   2  43 
 4. Reissue of passport (36 pages) in lieu of Lost or Damaged passport 110  113 
 6. Reissue of passport (60 pages) in lieu of Lost or Damaged passport 130  133 
 7. Issue of Fresh Passport for new borns. 70* 2 73 
  Additional fee towards affidavit for change in appearance 25 2 1 28 
  * Fee of Fresh passport 36 + Fee for mandatory registration of Birth of new born 34
 8. For issue of Fresh OCI Card (In case the application is rejected € 22.00 will be deducted as processing charges.) 230  234 
 9 Issue of OCI Card in case of Loss/Damage of OCI Documents; OCI card in lieu of Lost/ Valid PIO Card 84  88 
10. Renewal fee (applicable only for the case for upon attaining the age of 20 years and age of 50 years). 21  25 
 11. Power of attorney( For documents pertaining to sale, purchase, transfer, gift etc. of real estate or moveable properties ) 17  20 
 12. Power of attorney (Civil Documents) 12 
 13. Commercial Power of Attorney 42  45 
 14. Police Clearance Certificate 20  23 
 15. Life certificate for pensioners
 16. No Objection certificate for transferring dead bodies to India
 17. Certificate for Transport of Ashes or Human remains 17  20 
 18. Attestation of educational certificate, passport copy, adoption documents, marriage certificate, sponsorship certificate etc 12 
 19. Attestation of Trade/commercial documents 42  45 
 20. Sworn Affidavit 12 
 21. Issue of certificate in respect of name , date of birth etc for the German Authorities 20  23 
 22. Issuance  of birth Certificate (on the basis of Passport), NRI Certificate 20  23 
 23. Registration of Death 17  20 
 24. Emergency Certificates 12  15 
 25. Renunciation of Indian Citizenship and Surrender of Indian Passport 91  94 
 26. Renunciation of Indian Citizenship and Surrender of Indian Passport for cases before 01/06/2010 111 114 
 D. VISA Services 
 27. Entry visa for Italian Nationals upto 6 months only 67  71 
 28. Business Visa for Italian Nationals upto 6 months only 100  104 
 29 Employment visa for Italian Nationals upto 1 year only 167  171 
 30. Student Visa for Italian Nationals upto 1 year only 67  71