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IFJAS- the Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Show

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IFJAS- the Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Show
Virtual Edition
Fair Days: 27 July - 30 July 2021
Fair Timings: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM (Indian Time)

IFJAS is internationally acknowledged as a unique event for Indian Fashion Jewellery & Fashion Accessories, showcasing both traditional and contemporary fashion jewellery & accessories to apparel from different manufacturing hubs and regions of India. With 12 stupendous editions preceding, this dedicated show is a distinct platform for those in the business of fashion accents, whether it be sourcing, selling, designing or trading. IFJAS is an exemplary international exhibition with focus on product lines that many buyers would find only in India.

This so real, virtual show is all set to enthuse with myriad designs, styles and concepts in everyday fashion accessories to flamboyant ones and stylized luxury line-ups. Be it variety in raw material usage or techniques in the making, intricately hand-crafted or gently machine finished, beautified with the colours from nature or embellished with threads, beads or sequins, visitors at IFJAS delight in the indulgent array of products. Featuring a varied presentation by India’s leading exporters, IFJAS is a unique sourcing opportunity for chain / departmental stores, wholesalers, importers, distributors, retailers, designers, merchandisers, forecasters and buying houses.

It is indeed for the world to behold that India has carved its niche in the international fashion jewellery industry with its absolute diversity and an ever evolving nature. The strong base is lent by the country’s rich traditional craft skills that are manifested in many contemporary forms. Their versatility to adopt and meet requirements of a discerning global clientele has always been an advantage.

Product collections with different raw materials, applications and reinvention of culturally backed designs through modern translations form part of the show’s diverse range. Fascinating design theories put together with mix metals, elegant pearls, semi-precious stones, vibrant beads, horn, bone & shells, jute, wood, bamboo, terracotta and several resourceful materials feature in head to toe adornments along with intriguing textile based jewellery. Whether it is bijoux, boho chic, statement, geometrics, fluid, layered, mix & match, classic or contemporary, at IFJAS, you can see assortments in all.

Among textile accessories there are scarves, stoles and shawls in subtle shades to those with geometric patterns, graphic designs and tone on tone effects, etc. , enhanced by embroidery, different printing techniques, batik, tie & dye, applique, etc. Then there are exquisite collections of bags for all occasions and hand crafted footwear too.

Exhibitors at IFJAS from various manufacturing hubs of the country have put in efforts to get in tune with the latest international fashion enthusiasm. They have infused in their jewellery and accessories, an ethnicity that well captures and intrigues modern chic, while maintaining fidelity with quintessential Indian heritage. The display by regional artisans is clearly an equivalence of luxury and creativity. These ambitious and dynamic manufacturers from India are constantly moving up their competencies by upgrading & consolidating themselves to meet the demands of an ever evolving market.

Expressions – right from minimalistic to elaborate ones in myriad raw material blends, from Bohemian inspirations to ethnic glory, from rustic copper to traditional ‘meenakari’ and filigree, from the charm of ‘chanderi’ to youthful ‘bandhej’, enthuse visitors. Also on display are bijoux, boho chic, statement, geometrics, fluid, layered, mix & match, classics and contemporary themes.

Sustainable fashion continues to make strides by bringing in assortments in eco-friendly jewellery. Full of textural depth, rich construction and a plethora of colours, enhanced with interesting value additions, scarves, stoles and shawls add to the interesting presentation in an assortment of mediums like silk, cotton, chiffon, etc. They mark their presence with various hues, geometric patterns, graphic designs and tone on tone effects, etc., enhanced by embroidery, different printing techniques, batik, tie & dye, applique, etc. A category fast gaining increasing patronage is of jewellery boxes & cases, bags, clutches, purses, slings and coin bags to suit occasions and various kinds of artisanal apparel are available as well.

For more information, please visit https://ifjas.in/ 


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